Working configuration

Hi all,

Just for information, hereafter my configuration working “rock solid”

  • Windows 7 64bits
  • Core i7 3.4Ghz
  • 16Go Ram
  • SSD drive for system
  • Cubase 7.0.2 64 bits
  • Cubase 6.5.3 64 bits
  • SSL MX4 card
  • SSL Alphalink AX converter

You’d be better off putting that in your signature. :wink:

Excellent that you have that, it’s also rock solid here and with many others, only issues are (same as a lot of other users) the GUI design issues and bits that don’t work as they should, and the unending annoyance of so many clicks, double clicks and doubl double clicks to try get a VSTi to stay on top of mixer, also if your on multiple monitors, making sure your on the right channel as they don’t highlight all the way up, and all the little on/off butons in the racks/strips are clearly visable from a sideways glance from other monitors.

You should include what motherboard & chipset you have as well as graphics card/Brand and tye of RAM. Also, is it self build/off shelf system?

That information could be usefull to others on here who may be considering a new build or system to enhance thier productivity, as there’s such a bewlidering array of components out there, it’s inevitable there will be some issues on a Windows PC.

Then, as said above, move the spec to your signature, and tell us of any things you would like to see changed to enhance workflow/speed up system performance or any little things you don’t like. etc etc.


Signature updated, thanks for advice.