Working on a new album


I’m working on a new album and composed so far 1 track two nights ago. I used WaveLab Pro 11.2 and I don’t have a perfect or good handle on the software (I could do my mastering in Cubase Pro 12, but I dislike the idea and the overall sounds is lower quality whatever I do). I’m aware of my mastering bad points, but want to give you a listen hoping to have feedbacks.

Little briefing:
“The theme of my next album is Rorschach’s psychological Test Cards used on and to analyze prisoners’ mental abilities. It will and should include 10 tracks according to his 10 Test Cards. This one is the Card VIII inspired track, which I called “Instincts”.”

And hope you enjoy this Experimental/Industrial music by the way!

Here is a 2nd track I’ve made yesterday.

3rd track for the album.

This one is test card number 3.