Working on master pages and saving


I want to share 2 frustrating experiences I had while working on Master pages template on Dorico.

  1. I was working on a complex master page template for about 30 min. Suddenly the software crashed unexpectedly, but there was no auto-save at all to recover at least a part of what I’ve done.

  2. While working on another master page, I hit by error cmd Q instead of cmd A. The software quit without asking I wanted to save my work. Again, I lost everything.

I noticed that while working on master pages, Dorico don’t consider it as an “action” before you actually press the “apply” button. However, to avoid what happened to me in the second situation, wouldn’t be good to ask before quitting if we want to apply the modification on the template?

To avoid loosing some work while working on master pages, I tried to save my project more often. The thing is, when you apply modifications and hit cmd+s, Dorico leaves the Master Page window and goes back to the generic engrave mode. This makes this action quite long and complicated…

Any tip about what should I do?

Yes, I’m afraid this is a bit of a rough edge, and there’s at present nothing much you can do. The way it works is a consequence of a change we made much earlier in Dorico’s life to make edits to page templates quicker. Before the change, each edit you made would be applied to the active layout, which could be very slow; after the change, we apply the edits only when you leave the editor. You’re right, though, that we should try to prevent you from quitting the application if the score isn’t dirty at that point, other than the in-progress edits in the page template editor.

It would be interesting to see the crash report for the crash you experienced. Can you upload the diagnostics?

HI Daniel,

HI Daniel, thanks for your answer! The crash occurred about 10 days ago. Is there a way to get the diagnostic file?

I noticed that when you are in the template and you hit cmd+s, you get the message if you want to apply the changes in the template. That might be a good idea to configure it the same way when you hit cmd+q :slight_smile:


Help > Get Diagnostic Report

Dorico will leave a zip file on your desktop.

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…and it hangs onto crash logs for two weeks, so if your crash was 10 days ago it should be included.

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Dorico (1.8 MB)
Here it is, I don’t know the exact day when that happened though, but I’m pretty sure it was not more than two weeks ago.

Unfortunately the crash log is not contained in the zip file. Please do send us a diagnostic report immediately if you encounter this problem again.