working on NAS

Hi guys,

we’re working on post-production in our studio based on 4 x Nuendo 7 PC’s.
Recently I decided to try working on NAS to simplify project exchange and easy access to projects.

To test performance we purchased entry level NAS Netgear 104 and configured it in RAID 10 with two 1GB ethernet ports as aggregated link.
In theory bandwidth is OK, NAS read and write is acceptable (about 60MB/s) which should be more then sufficient for 4 stations to work on, but we run on some problems; projects open very slow, AAF import is slow, file format converting is slow, wave images are generating very slow and what is most important - editing on high zoom is very unresponsive - every edit, crossfade, changing zoom and so on has “latancy” from 0,2 to 2 seconds for each operation which makes working on project almost imposible.

I imagine there’s a slow response of NAS when accessing large amount of files at the same time.
My question is: would NAS performance increase if we use more serious NAS server or will it always be sluggish compared to local HDD?
Or maybe it’s a matter of RAID settings?
Or should I change some Nuendo preferences to be able to work smoother?

thanks in advance,