Working on NAUTILUS album (Cubase 7)

I’m currently working on the “NAUTILUS: 20​​,​​000 Leagues” album.
This work was inspired by Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” novel.

And here is some progress of this project :
Les Aquatiques -


Whilst I certainly respect the work that goes into a project like this, this particular track doesn’t seem to mean anything, it goes nowhere and becomes a bit boring around 3.30 where I reckon it should finish…
If this music was accompanying a video or movie ( and maybe that’s what it’s for ) It would seem more interesting so please accept my apologies, but as is it doesn’t really do anything for me…but I’m just one guy and what the heck do I know !!, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I understand this music probably is not your cup of tea… That’s fine.
Thanks for the listening.


On the contrary my friend…up until 3.30 I enjoyed the track very much !!Kevin