Working on projects across (2) workstations

Is there anything specific I need to know about working on projects across (2) different workstations? I know about the USB licensor, so this isn’t about that. I’m planning on having my projects located natively on an external SSD that I use between my desktop and my laptop. My main concerns are in regard to folder structure, VST syncing, interface/UI layout syncing, etc.

And will the speed of the project be slower operating it off of an external vs. SATA SSD drives via my workstations?


As a first thought of it, what I would be thinking of :

  • The interface(s) : is it the same used on both computers ? If not, I would be carefull about the ASIO drivers installation and the availability of both MIDI and audio ports.
  • The VSTis/FX/sound libraries used : they also should installed and available in the same way (installation paths) on both systems : if all are Cubase bundled ones, you shouldn’t have issues.
  • The preferences used : workspaces, Control Room, Hub, etc. The more they are alike, the better it will be…

After this, you shoudn’t have issues with the folder structure, provided that Cubase versions are the same on both units. This said, I cannot tell a lot about using an external drive, but I would be worrying about how it is recognized by both systems, i.e., an external unit could appear as E: on one, and F: on the other, which could lead to added complications. I would actually use the external drive only to copy the project folder in the exactly same path on both.

At the end, maybe I’m not the best placed to talk about it, as I use Cubase only on one system. So, take all this with caution…

I’ve sometimes run projects on 2 machines for a period whilst changing to a new computer.
The main issues I’ve encountered have been around I/O routing on the Audio Interfaces. and ensuring that all audio files and samples referenced by the project are archived and backed up carefully so they can be accessed from within the project folder. Also that the plugin/instrument set matches on both machines.
Can’t say it’s ever been a huge problem although there’s sometimes a bit of tinkering to do with the in/outs.

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