Working projects using Cubase 7.5 for both Win7 and Mac OSx

Hi folks,

Sorry if there’s already a topic around concerning this matter, but because of the very general search terms I have to use such as ‘windows’, ‘mac’ ‘compatible’, etc, I couldn’t really see the wood for the trees. Anyhow, here is my situation. I have a studio set-up with a nice powerful desktop, running Cubase 7.5 in Windows 7. All is well. However, a lot of times I cannot work in this studio, so I’m thinking about buying a powerful notebook so I can also get my production work done in other environments, while using my studio environment for the final stages of perfecting projects. For this, I could buy a powerful notebook and run windows, install everything like I did for my studio and I can simply start one project on system A and finish it on system B (I figure this shouldn’t be too much of a drag, right?). However, I’m also seriously considering buying a Macbook pro 15.4" for various reasons. My guts tell me that running Windows 7 in e.g. bootcamp on the Mac is kind of a waste of money (because I figure that performance will suffer - so why even buy a mac then?). Therefore, I was considering installing Cubase 7.5 for Mac (while continuing working in Windows in my studio).

However, I’m seriously concerned whether my projects will translate well from the windows install to the mac install and vice versa. I know that the cubase files will open in both, but I’m seriously concerned about the various VST plug-ins that I utilise. First of all, I’m not too sure whether the majority of plug-ins offers both mac as well as windows installs, and secondly, even if they do, not too many problems and maybe bugs will arise. In short I’m afraid that the extra problems won’t be worth working in both a windows and a mac environment. And finally, I’m interested in your opinions about running Cubase in Windows on a Mac (even writing it sounds strange, but maybe there’s nothing to it). Of course I wouldn’t move to Logic as Cubase is simply too dear to me haha :wink:

So if any of you knows about any of these matters, please help me in making a good decision. Your help is very much appreciated!

Aloha K, a couple of points:

1-I have done the PC—>Mac—>PC—>Mac etc etc thang
many times over the past few years and as long as I am using the ‘stock
Cubase’ app and/or the exact same 3rd party plugs, I get no probs here.

2- My buddy has the same gear as me (see sig) but runs Cubase in ‘Bootcamp’ mode with Win 7.
Cubase to me seems a bit ‘zippier’ in that environment.

3-Bottom line is:
Mac or PC, once Cubase is up-and-running, it all seems/feels pretty much the same.

Cubase is IMHO a wonderfully, well done cross-platform programme.
No or very few surprises.

Good Luck!

Thanks. Just to make sure, it’s possible to use Cubase 7.5 artist for both mac and windows using the same licence (dongle), right?

Anyone who has an opinion on running Cubase in Windows in Mac? And curteye (or anyone else), would you say the advantages of running Cubase for Mac instead of Cubase for Windows in Windows for Mac (haha, I’m getting tired of typing this) outweigh the disadvantages (or vice versa)? I have this notion in my head that apple software and hardware really ‘work’ together, especially for music production (where they usually combine it with logic pro), and that this advantage would be thrown away by using windows on it (but this is truly not more than a gut feeling). And do you happen to know if your buddy runs into performance problems using his win-in-mac setup (or that comparing to your set-up, his performance differs from yours?). All input from anyone is appreciated.

He has mentioned no performance probs at all with that set-up.

I believe it has been pretty much established that Cubase performs
more efficiently on a well made PC compared to Mac.

That being said since my studio is my livelihood I do not underestimate
the value of ‘marketing’.

Seems the Mac/Apple itself name is enough to put most clients mind at ease.

Then my only prob is selling the client on Cubase instead of ProTools.
—go figure.

I just wanted to chip in shortly and say that everything is working fine for me so far.

My main desktop computer is Windows 7 pc where I do most of my work. Then I’ve got macbookpro laptop which I use when I travel, and I basicly transfer project files between these two computer (got indentical set of plugins in both) and so far no problems. Everything opens as it should.

Thanks. And I figure you use the for mac version of cubase on your mac then?

The possibilities out there are just so huge, been searching the web all day today and still didn’t gain much more wisdom. Though I did sort of really came to like the Dell XPS 15, which could be a nice alternative to the Macbook Pro 15" retina in case I wanna go full Windows. But everyone seems to disagree on this matter haha, and it’s difficult to find threads where it doesn’t end up in a childish pc vs. mac fight. I kind of like both, I guess that in the end it will come down to a gut decision. But of course I’m still very much interested in your views.

I’ve moved projects between Mac and PC many times and it works very well. The only times I’ve had a problem is where there has been a slightly different version of a particular plugin. In this situation, the project will load ok but either the plugin in question will not be loaded, or it will be loaded with it’s default settings.

Most plugins seem to be ok if it’s a slightly different version, it’s only a few that are fussy. Sylenth is one example that springs to mind.

I had a similar dilemma, and went all out with a 15" MacBook Retina (512GB flash, 16GB Ram). In fact, it is so powerful that I use it in my studio now as the main DAW host. I now use the PC as a slave machine (via VEPro) to host all of my VI’s. I do mostly film scoring work, therefore very little audio work…but I’m about to put that to the test by recording my band’s next album on it. I even have two big monitors connected to it, and Thunderbolt is killer. The MacBook was expensive, but has paid for itself in spades already and is reliable as hell. And honestly, I couldn’t find a Windows laptop that had the specs I needed. There are a few out there (like an HP Zbook), but they cost about the same price.

In my experience, I found no noticeable difference in C7 performance on Windows and Mavericks.