working remotly with director. How you do it ?


I compose soundtracks and do mix for documentaries and video mapping shows. All my clients are distant from my studio (in other countries).
It works fine with fibre internet but of course some directors would like to interact more or be there for the mix !
i can’t find a better way then updating musics and sounds on an FTP. i try to send drafts, updates, and sample of the movies with sounds and musics.
But the only way they can interact is to take notes with timecode and send comments back… this takes time before they get a new update with modifications.

I would love a way to share stream with audio and video. do you guys use teamwviers… skypes … and tools like this ?
would love to have a tool in nuendo to do that. like a nuendo player for director that we can connect to and while director has HD video on his hard drive we only send audio stream synced to it. Also some options like director can take control on timeline play stop etc.
I’m not concidering project sharing in nuendo as it requires all sides to have same version of nuendo (!$$$!) also director using this interface need something super crazy simple … belive me it’s never simple enough :unamused:

how do you guys do it ?

If have a mac handy have a look at source connect live. I have license and may be willing to sell, I haven’t used in a while.

Maybe VST connect pro will include video streaming. The most practical would be to just have the timecode send over and have each side load the shame video. The VST connect performer software can implement this pretty easily I bet since it already keeps things in sync

oh thx i will look into VST connect performer

Of course, live connections always depend on bandwidth. So when you have a bad connection to your client, the audio and video will be very blocky and low quality. But if the connection works, I used Skype many times to do things like that.

For that I have set up my PC so it outputs audio to my UAD Apollo audio interface. And I also have a connection back from the Apollo to my PC. Now I can route audio from Apollo to this output that goes to the PC. I can send the mix of Nuendo through to the PC, where it gets picked up by the input and I can then send it through Skype. I also send a mic I have at my mixing desk to the PC through Apollo. Basically, it’s a Cue Send that I send to the PC and thus to Skype or any other software. And everything that comes out of Skype is also played back through Apollo.

This was I can do screen sharing, show the session, even have a voice artist in the studio and send everything through Skype to my client in real time and he/she can then comment on the stuff. If I want I can also send the audio coming from PC (the client) into the headphones of the artist.

It’s a handy setup in case I need it. ^

ok. thx for explanation.
i never tried skype in a session i should give it a try.
true the client doesn’t need to get control over the timeline. he does not in the studio… and would be a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue: