Working sound driver? FlexASIO crashes Cubase!

Hi, when I try and set FlexASIO, it says I cannot use the driver, but ASIO4All works, kind of. I want to use FlexASIO as it works well for me in Dorico and other programs. If I go into Studio setup and change it there, Cubase simply crashes immediately. I have an HP Omen w033dx laptop running Windows 10 22H2, Cubase Artist 12. Any other info needed can be provided. I also posted another issue with mediabay showing plug-ins as blank, while they work in the add instrument context menu. I just want to fix these technical issues so I can make fullnuse of my work flow. Thank you to anyone who knows anything

The author of FlexASIO will be delighted to hear of your feedback. Don’t forget to also send him the crash dump file.

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Also take a look at KoordAsio, I’ve also only recently discovered it, it is in the Microsoft store as well.

Where can I find a crash dump?


You can copy & paste the above line into your Explorer.