Working with 2 screens (Windows Issue)

Hi everyone,

I not really good at searching so I don’t know if this has been discussed yet.

With Cubase 7 I use to be able to swap mix consol and arrangement windows between my 2 screens (with a pull down menu if I remenber and a short cut as well). That was really handy and fast.
F3 would also remenber the last position of my mix consol (not the case no more).
On re-opening Cubase, the windows were at the place i’d left them.
This doesn’t seem to be that way with Cubase 8. I’m not talking about “Desiging Work Space” here.
F3 always opens my mix console on top of my arrangement and i have to slide it to my second screen each time.
Then I’m no more able to swap, I have to slide them.
I’m missing something for sure.

Could someone help me?

How do I swap arrangement & mix console (shortcut or menu)?
How do I have them remain at the same place on re-opening?

Thank you.


Are you using Workspaces, or not? If you are out of the Workspaces, the MixConsole should remembers its position. But, you have to be very carful. If your MixConsole is on the right screen, and any single pixel of it is on the left screen, then the mixConsole opens on the left screen next time. Unfortunately, this is Windows issue.

Regarding to Workspaces, this mechanism was rewritten, and redesigned. Workspaces are always “Locked” now. What means, it remembers the window layout at the moment, when you store the Workspace. Not the “last view”. If you are using Workspaces (and I would really recommend it), just make your windows layout, and store it as a Workspace. Make another windows layout, and store it as another workspace. Then you could use any KeyCommand to switch between Workspaces.

I’m not opening any single window anymore. I’m just switching Worskpaces. “F3” KeyCommand doesn’t mean “Open/Close MixConsole” in my system. It means “call Mixing Workspace”. Much more better workflow, for me.

Thank you very much Martin for your reply.
Yes I forgot to mention that I run Cubase on Windows (Changed the subject tittle).
I wasn’t actually talking about Workspace but as it sounded good I tried it. By the way thanks for the tip!
Same problem, when I recall my workspace with my mixconsole fullscreen on the second screen (no single pixel of it on my first screen), it opens back on my first screen, on top of my arrangement.
I need to resize my mixconsole on the second screen (like a fake fullscreen) for it to work.
I hope they’ll fix this problem on a futur update.

Hi Stepy,

I’m a newbie to Cubase 8 Artist and wasn’t even aware of the Workspaces feature (if my version has it). I run two monitors, and Cubase remembers where I left each window on a project by project basis. Makes me wonder if there’s some adjustment that can be made in your video card or driver. I know this may not help, however, at least you know it’s possible.

I’m using Windows 7 Pro, and a Quad core PC. I use two 24" ViewSonic monitors.

  • Lee