Working with 2 track at same time (midi and drum map)

In the key editor, I wan to work at same time with 2 Halion sonic se track, one is bass and the other is drum. The drum is on a drummap.


So do it. Didn’t you post the same question in the C6 forum?

It dose not work, I select 2 trakcs and open the drum editor or key editor and only one show.

Answer’s right in front of you.

The Drum Editor was made to work with Drum Maps. If you mix mapped and non-mapped, it may have to open one edit window for each map and one for all unmapped tracks.

The Key Editor shows the entire range of MIDI notes. Both mapped and unmapped tracks can be displayed in one edit window, since the limit of maps are the MIDI note range.

In either case, you may have to scroll to see MIDI events from different tracks.

Absolutly not, this is about a drum map and a instrument track. It was about in-place editor. Which is too small.

But your comment is not welcome or usefull by the way.