Working with a team using Dorico

Good night!
I’m beginning to work with a friend helping me do the parts of a 20-flow-piece. He also uses Dorico. We have the same version.
I know the ideal scenario would be me finishing the composition of the whole piece and then sending the archive to my friend, him doing the parts and done. But the case here (and very often with my timings) is that we have to send some of the flows to the musicians because they have to be able to study some movements before I complete de work.
The tricky part here is that with the same document, we have to be working at the same time. I can’t stop working while he is editing parts, I need to be working on the final flows while he edits the first flows.
Is there a clean and easy way to solve this? I was thinking in sending a document with 7 flows finished and while he edits the layouts I will be writing some more music in the final flows, saving the document with a 2.0. When he finishes the layouts of the finished flows, I will take his document and paste the new music into it, with Gallery View (it is a piece in which every player has lots of instruments). Would it work if I don’t do any reordering of the instruments while he is editing layouts? Is there any way to do this better?
Until now I was working with Finale, with a document per piece so we never found that problem working as a team.

Thank you very much in advance,

I would keep the “master” document at your place. Export the flows you have already finished, one by one. That way your collaborateur can do part layouts from them, to send out to musicians, who need to practise the music beforehand.
When everything is done from your side, send him the complete project document, so he can do a master part layout.
Yes, it seems like double work, but it’s for the art, so it’s good…