Working with audio for video in Cubase.


I’m gonna buy som studio gears. i will be working a lot with audio for video in Cubase, and I need to see the pictures when I work in the session.

What is the best setup?

Should i use dual computer monitors and drag the video window in Cubase over to one of the monitors?
Or should i use a TV (and for example a Canopus between TV and mac) and use the “firewire out”-option?

What are the advantages and disadvantages for these two options?
What do you recommend?


I’m using 2 LCDs way. There is no problem on my MacBook Pro: as master - Cubase with video track and around 100 MIDI tracks - sending to the slave Mac Pro, using VEPro. I’m using SD or HD video formats.

I’ve successfully worked with audio for video using two LCD’s as well. I’m not a pro though, I do it on the side (so take my experience with a grain of salt).