working with audio.

I have recorded an audio wav, 2 bars.
Now I want to take a sample note from the audio recording.
Do I need to export the wav, or is there an easy way to mark the area and create a audio wav from marked content?

„Bounce selection“

when I bounce selection, it doesn’t do anything.

Then you are doing something wrong.

It depends what you want to do with the sample. If you’re using it in the project, you could copy the wave to a new audio track (or later on the same track), trim it (zoom in horizontally and use the scissor and eraser tool) to the note you want and the use that.
Or drag it down into the sampler window, so you can play it back on the keyboard in a sampler track.

If you’ll be using it in other projects, it might be easier to export the original 2 bar wav, open it in Audacity (only mention that as it’s a free download) and edit it there.

There’s many other ways to achieve the same thing: this is just the way I work.