Working with Cubase 8.5 and Film Score

Can anyone tell me if there are any tutorials available for scoring music to film in Cubase? It seems there is a lack of info out there.

I really could use a detailed explanation of how to score for film in Cubase.

I use all midi tracks.

I have issues with midi events moving to the wrong time in the film when I make changes to the tempo. For instance, if I make a change in the beginning of the film, events later on have been shifted.

So far, at this time, I’m not using the time warp. I’ve just been “jumping” the tempo in small increments. “Ramping” is not allowed.

So I"m wondering that if I continue to “jump” tempo throughout the film, will I be able to go back and fine tune hitpoints with the time warp?

Am I doing this right?

Thanks Jeff

Anybody have any guidance in these matters?
Thanks Jeff

I guess that there are no tutorials for Cubase and film scoring?

Check the East West forum. I recall someone there produced an orchestral MIDI mockup in Cubase.

Also check out the VI Control forum; there are lots of folks there that may be able to help.

Thanks for the help!