Working with divisi and multiple instruments

Having engraved a score recently I’m coming to these issues. Hoping someone can help.

First example is of Flute 2 also holding Piccolo. This screenshot is the full score in page view.

Now what I would like is the music on letter D to appear in the Flute 2 staff and the Piccolo staff not be visible – as it works in the part.

Next example is of multiple divisis in Vln1.

The first of them is a simple two way divisi but on the right hand page the top staff is ‘solo’. The next staff down is ‘first gli altri’ and ‘second gli altri’ is not shown in page view (only galley view). The last signpost here is restoring unison for gli altri.

This last screenshot is of Vln1 of said divisions.

When I get to the solo/gli altri div. only Solo and first division shows. For some reason on bar 102 I can see one note of the second division. In my mind from the second beat of bar 102 Dorico would also copy out the gli altri for both staves until letter H, just as it does from letter H.

Maybe there are workarounds or else these are points of consideration for improvement.


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bryla, please review the guidelines in this thread to help us to help you. In particular, I can’t diagnose what’s going on in your first picture without seeing the project itself. There must be something, though I can’t tell what, that makes Dorico think that the flute and piccolo are both active at the same time.

For your divided first violins, if an existing divisi is in force at the start of the system, it will remain in force for that system. The reason for this is that we wouldn’t know what to show on an extra staff when going from one set of divisi staves to another with a larger number of staves. When there’s a unison, it’s easy, and that’s why we can show the unison from the start of the system and then just switch to the divisi at the right point. But when you’re going from being divided in 2 to divided in 3, what is that 3rd division supposed to show at the start of that system? So you have to manage this situation yourself.

Dear Daniel,
Sorry for not adhering to the guidelines. I’m attaching a zip file with the project.
As you can see in the violins I have 3 divisions with music but only two show in page view and in the parts.
Hope this can clarify my issue.
Thanks in advance!
For (478 KB)

The problem here is that whatever set of divisi sections is in force at the start of the system is what will be used for the whole system. So, for example, looking at your full score layout, in bar 98 after letter G, where your divisi splits into Solo plus two sections, you don’t see that in the score at that point because of the previous divisi in bar 90 just before G, which has just two sections. Dorico can’t in general figure out what it should show when going from one divisi to another; it’s different when going to or from unison, because of course it’s clear how the unison music should be assigned to the divisi staves, but when going from (say) two divisi sections to three, where one becomes a solo, although to you and me that’s simple to figure out, Dorico doesn’t know enough about what each of those sections represents in order to do the right thing.

For now, your best bet is to ensure that there is a system break at bar 98, so that the divisi change there becomes the first divisi on that system: the third staff will then appear.

Thanks, Daniel! That makes sense. I guess I could also move the divisi to the system break and manually enter the unison notes.