Working with Drum Set Scores

I would like to create drum scores with Dorico. It’s not possible yet…

Dorico is writing all the notes on 1 line (3th line) and I can’t adjust the pitch.

I would like to see some sort of basic standard drum notation by default (for example use N.Weinberg’s standardized drumset notation):

  • X noteheads for hihats above the 5th line and I would like to hear the correct sound for that pitch (hihat)
    those hihat X - noteheads should be there by default without the user having to right click every time to change the noteheads to X. Then also please put stems up by default for X-noteheads on hihat.

  • basdrums between line 1 and line 2. (with correct basdrum sound )

  • Snare Drum between line 3 and 4. (with snare sound)

  • -…

Please have a look at Make Music Finale and Sibelius … and make it even better & faster :smiley:

Thanks !

Yes, we know that drum set notation is not yet possible in Dorico (it’s listed on the list of things that Dorico can’t yet do but which we plan to address in updates on the main Dorico product pages on the web site, so I hope you weren’t surprised to find this out when you bought the software).

We have a number of big ideas about how to make this work really nicely, and I think you will be happy with what we come up with.

Is there a workaround? I am trying to indicate two rhythms on a drum set staff - one at the bottom and the other at the top. Any advice?

Use the invisible clef… then use voice 1 or voice 2 (shift+v to create a voice, just v to go between voices - indicated by the up or down stem on the caret).

At the beginning of the drum set part type invisible in the clef popover to get the invisible clef.


The ongoing work on percussion is coming along quite promisingly. The allocation of notes to voices on a drum kit staff will be dynamic, so you can choose between the various conventions in use (we’re aware of at least three: kick and snare in the down-stem voice, with hi-hats/cymbals in the up-stem voice; kick in the down-stem voice and snare/hi-hats/cymbals in the up-stem voice; and everything in a single up-stem voice), and the music will be renotated automatically to match. You won’t have to worry about voices at all during percussion input: just input the note at the appropriate staff position and Dorico will do the rest.

This sounds great!

That worked. Many thanks

Glad you got it working enough to hold you over till the real deal comes out.