Working with Flow Titles/Info

I finally came to my first real multi-flow projects. I somehow struggled to get all info at the right place, especially with the flow titles. Here are some requests I’d like to discuss:

  1. Consequently detach flow name and title - I appreciate that there are two names possible for flows: The name in the setup window overview (bottom panel) and the Info list as well as the dedicated flow title which is referred to in layout mode’s text tokens. I think editing these is not logical, though, because sometimes a change of the name will change both, sometimes not. If you edit the name in the info list and click apply while the cursor is in the title field, it will even apply the title in the background but not show it in the active window. To get this clear, I think both instances of flow name (setup band and info window) should be always strictly in sync (editing one should update the other, at least changing the band while info list is open should update that immediately). The flow title should be independent and therefore not update if the name is edited.
    (short note: somebody wished to have an option to keep flow names and title in sync… maybe that’s useful for some cases, so it will be appreciated, but it should not become the only way, I think)
  2. New menu option + shortcut to call up info of the current flow - I just cannot say how often I called cmd+I and then had to scroll down to my current flow in the list to edit some small bit of info. In the beginning, I even accidentally edited the project info sometimes, mostly when creating a new flow and then, still in setup mode pressing cmd+I to edit the info. I found that the first time after a project is opened this will actually call up the currently selected flow’s info instead of the project info, but later on it will be the project info. Does not seem useful or consequent to me… I’d prefer a seperate (context-)menu command and shortcut (I’d use cmd+opt+I) to call the current flow’s info window.

Let me know what you think about these ideas!

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I can definitely see the value in having the info window auto select the current flow that is in view. This will be tricky, of course, whenever more than one flow is in view. What then? (Select the latter of the two I suppose.)

Hm, I think there are functions already present which use the current flow/are more or less aware what is currently displayed: Playback or change of views, for example. I think this wouldn’t have to be super-precise (if a neighbour flow with different info shows up, this will be obvious in most cases, I suppose), but rely on beginning of selection/cursor or something like that. It would even help if it just referred to the last selected flow in Setup mode’s bottom panel.