Working with FX in montage

I’ve been working in WL6 for some time, am getting used to 7 but there are a few things I can’t work out how to do. Main one is this:

In montage, I want to load FX onto specific clips and then modify the FX envelope (e.g. add some delay to a clip, starting out with no FX, but then gradually increasing the “wet/dry” to 100%. It’s easy to do this in WL6: right click on the clip, add FX, click “Split” in the effect menu, then an envelope appears in the clip which you can add raise & lower, just like a volume or pan envelope.

How do I do this in WL7?

The same is possible:

Not sure what you mean here… if I go to “Focused clip”, there’s nothing to tell me how to add FX to the clip. Under “Envelope”, my options are Volume, Pan etc. But how do I get the FX onto the clip (and thus get the FX envelope to display)?

There is an effect tab for this purpose.

A manual would have helped. :wink:

OK, so I’ve worked out how to load the FX onto the clip, and voila there’s an FX envelope. But the FX envelope doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

E.g. I have a distortion plugin loaded onto the clip, with the envelope set to zero at the beginning of the clip, then fading up to maximum or “wet” halfway through. But the distortion is affecting the entire clip from beginning to end, with no change in the FX level. What am I doing wrong?

You need a VST-2 plugins for this to work, do you?