Working With Imported Audio and Tempo?

I am a long time user of the MIDI side of Cubase. I am attempting to change my approach to use more audio. So, I imported my audio file and did the Tempo Detection process which created a tempo map for my use. However, now the MIDI recorded tracks are out of sync with the resulting tempo track. I changed the detected tempo track from 1/4 to 4/4 but the MIDI and audio tracks are not in sync.

  1. How do I make the MDI tracks align with the tempo detected audio track tempo?

  2. If I want the imported audio track to align with the previous tempo of the MIDI tracks, how do I change the tempo of the imported audio track?

My attached signature may need to be updated. I am using Cubase v7.5.x, thank you, CS.

You switch them to linear timebase before applying the tempo map

depends on the audio - basically you define the (original) tempo(track) of the audio then switch it to musical mode.

Thank you.