working with lanes and multitrack-takes

hi all,

i’ve been using nuendo in the time of its development (and was a cubase user in the times of version 1 on atari… :slight_smile:), and since always especially for tracking live-acts.
for different reasons (coming from many years of intensivly using pyramix), version 6 motivated me to start using it more and more as my main tool.
as a long-time pyramix user (still beeing it actually), i’m struggling a bit on some functions i’d like to emulate, especially with the editor.

first question: i’m doing a lot of drums-recording - with, as in the last days, around 20 drums-tracks per take. working with lanes, i just can’t figure out a way to get all the takes linked or grouped together, ending with a bunch of layers split over 20 tracks. i’d actually like to be able to grab for ex. take 1 of the first track, and have all the clips belonging to the same take be selected at once across the lanes as if they were linked.
i saw that i can actually group takes across the lanes, but the comp tool seems to ignore that grouping when it comes to work on a selected take…

i hope that you’ll excuse such a beginner’s question, and i’m looking forward to get some insights about that from the hardcore-users here! :wink:

thanks a lot in advance,

Well, I am in 5.5 but what I do all the time:

Tracking 20 track drums, all drumtracks grouped together using folder-track-grouping.

Then I open lanes on for example the snare or the kick (just one track) and now I do all kind of lane-comping, splitting, fading, moving etc - the grouped tracks 2-20 will follow 100%.

Never had an issue here! I use it all the time, when recording guitars, accoustic instruments etc - with old lanes multitrack was a NO GO - with new lanes it speeds up my work about 300%.

I hope they did not change stuff again in N6…

I have to say that I barely record just one track… only vox or sometimes Bass-DI… all other stuff is usually 3 or more tracks… never was able to use lanes for that… since 5.5 I can!

…thanks 1000 times guys - you made my day! :slight_smile:
brandy’s solution works perfectly!