working with lanes


can please somebody explain to me -

when I’m working with lanes on one of my tracks, and finished to edit between the lanes -
how do I erase all of the unused parts of the lanes and keep only the used ones? is there a
quick command for that?

thank you

Hi there

Yes there is a command for it, not in studio atm, but it’s a Key Command I think, something like clean up lanes or delete unused, sorry can’t remember but IT IS there.

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There’s a pretty exhaustive section in the manual about this, helped me a lot! :wink:
Cheers, Benji

Wondering this too…

Do we have to select all of the events that we want to keep (the comp) and then click “Events to Part” under the “Audio” menu?

Is there any way to do this across an entire project, or do we have to go track by track?