Working with Libraries & DOP makes Cubase 9.5.0 Projects Corrupt (reproducable)


this one works well in Cubase 9.0 (using simple Wav Files). Unfortunately Files with DOP (Direct Offline Processing) cause problems in 9.5.0 with external Libraries.

This is very sad because a nice workflow would be to use the library feature together with Saved DOP Files. Every time a DOP file is created you could transfer it an external library for later use in multiple projects.

Here are the reproducable steps:

  1. A simple saved library (.npl) (external pool) exists with a bunch of transferred wav files (DOP treated clips with Plugins and/or Audio Processes) You can use a simple treatment like reversing the audio file and transferring that clip to the external library.
    Backup the newly created library.
  2. Create a new project in Cub 9.5 and open that library (external pool).
  3. Drag the wav file from the opened library into arrangement window
  4. Try to save the new Project and BAM (reproducible): The Project can not be saved - corrupt (Das Projekt ist fehlerhaft - German Version).

It happens every time. You can do the steps without problems using unprocessed wav files, but as soon as processed (DOP) files are involved, the library workflow (drag & drop from external pool) always leads to corrupt projects.

Can this be reproduced elsewhere ?

Cheers, lokotus