Working with MIDI clips globally

I come from a Ableton background during my DJ years, so MIDI clips are still embedded into my workflow strategy. Now being completely new to Cubase to a degree, i’m struggling to understand how (if at all) to edit MIDI clips globally.
What do i mean ?
Lets say i have a MIDI clip named “MIDI CLIP 1” . I copy or duplicate this clip somewhere else in the same track or a different track. How (if possible) can i edit one of those clips, and then the same change is reflected on the other clips of that i cloned ? I cannot see the MIDI clips in the Pool so, i’m unsure if this is even possible.

Once again, bare with my Cubase 6 ignorance as i’m still getting my head around this behemoth of a DAW, which i’m enjoying more and more daily.


Yes, this is possible if you use ghost copies instead of normal copies. I don’t remember the keyboard shortcut for those but look it up in the manual, it should be there. Ghost copies all follow a change in one of their fellow ghosts :slight_smile:

edit: sorry, I’m behind the times, they’re called shared copies now. See this topic:

Audio and MIDI parts can be duplicated by clicking on the part, pressing [Alt]/[Option]-[Shift], and dragging. This creates a shared copy of the part. If you edit the contents of a shared copy, all other shared copies of the same part are automatically edited in the same way.

If you want to copy shared-copy as non-shared. just press [Alt]/[Option] and drag the part.

Thanks so much for this! I doubt i could explain to you how much this helped me out. From continuous copying, to now being able to globally edit many clips at once. :smiley: Happy.