Working with MIDI Machine Control - Need help

Does “sync” need to be activated to send MMC or does Cubase send it regardless?

I’m trying to send MMC to a Pro Tools rig and I don’t think it’s working properly. With “sync” off, when I hit play in Cubase, MIDI timecode is sent to Pro Tools and works as should. However, MMC does not work in this scenario. With “sync” on, it seems as if Cubase is waiting for an external message for it to play. It has the “play” and “stop” button highlighted yet no actual playing occurs. I do notice that MMC messages are getting through this way, but I’m still not able to control Pro Tools fully. It only allows me to go back and forth between two positions.

Thanks for the help.

Any news on this? A friend of mine has the very same problem.

Normally the MMC master (cubase?) would be the receiving (Slave) for MTC thus the default of having to set Sync (on) from the transport.

If you go to the MMC Output Destination set up and switch MC Master Active ON then MMC commands should be sent without having to set Cubase to Sync.

Any news on this? I am having the same problem here.


No news, it’ s still as Split wrote