Working with midi parts and merging

After searching the forums and reading the manual I still cannot find a better solution for merging midi. I have a drum loop that I’m working on and as I add new layers or “takes” of midi the arranger seems to create new takes for each new loop of new midi data. I can’t find an easier way to merge the midi for all takes in the loop except by soloing the track and using “Merge Midi in Loop”. Is there a faster way to go this? There doesn’t seem to be an good solution in the right click options either.

The Operation Manual says I can use the “Bounce Midi” function but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to select all takes.

Any help/reply will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Maybe you could avoid using the Arranger until you have a section worked out and use the Range Tools to cut and past sections of your song together.

Thanks emotive but I don’t think that’s the solution I was looking for. I’ve had problems with copy and pasting parts which don’t start with the first note at the beginning of the bar. You have to make sure the snap is enabled and then locate the scroll bar at the exact same location in the bar wherever you are going to paste the midi parts. Too complicated in my opinion.

I’d much rather copy and paste the bar and then somehow merge or bounce the midi parts. I’m just not sure how to select all of the takes.

Range Tools copy and past time, not parts and are thus better suited to working with sections of a song.

As for beats on the bar, it’s a long road but if you quantize and then program in the nuance at a later time you can potentially end up with a really groovy piece of music over time.

How you achieve that is another question:

A. Use Tempo Track and Signature page to define sections, their beats and feel. This way you can keep things from going over a bar line unless you really want to such as when transitioning a part from one section into the next.