Working with multiple flows

I have several flows in one layout, most of them use one or two pages (choir book). Now is there a flow/song that uses 1.5 pages and immediately after that one that uses 0.5 pages. I want to merge the second song to the half blank page of the first one.
I have added an additianal frame to the half blank page. But the original page from the flow is still there and I can’t hide / delete it (or don’t know how to).
Another solution would be to put the half page on the page of the next flow; but I don’t know how to prevent Dorico to use two pages for the first flow.

Some ideas on how to solve this problem?

Best, Ben

In Layout options, you choose whether you allow multiple flows on one page or not. This should answer your main question.
In Engrave mode, on the top right panel, check the pages that have a red corner showing. These are pages with overrides. You can remove those overrides to give Dorico its powers back! (and ghus remove unwanted pages and so on)

Alternatively, if it’s a one-off situation (as it probably is, here) you can go down the route you’ve already started on. Once you’ve placed your new frame, set the filters at the top left to include it in the MA frame chain. The top music frame on that page should be MA 1 and the second frame should be MA 2.

Thank you all for your feedback.

I already tried the frame-chain thing with MA 1 and MA 2, but than the second frame MA 2 is just empty. Maybe a bug?
I took Marc’s idea and this works for me: I use two layouts: one for importing my existing scores as flows and edit them and one for printing.
Now I have to manually set the Frame-Breaks and second page master page overrides, but I can live with that.

If the second frame is empty it’s because it’s not big enough for a system of the next flow, I imagine.

The frame was 3/4 of a page big, and the system only has two staves.

Well that’s weird. Without seeing the file I’m at a loss.

Sorry, can’t share this file. Currently I’m working with licensed material. Maybe I try to reproduce this later.

I would try letting flows start in the middle of a page (throughout) and then using frame breaks to force new flows onto new pages.

That is what I am currently doing. Works quite good. I use two layouts, one for working with the content and one for engraving for printing.

I’m currently on the go and working with my old notebook. I have now 50 flows in the document and adding/removing instruments or new flows takes some seconds. But still less painful then working with multiple programs and hundredes of files to get your ready-to-print pdf.
And Dorico 2.1 did not crash once! Great job!