Working with nested disable groups or assigning multiple destinations to a single parameter value

I’ve managed to utilise the disable function to switch on or off the FX (see the shaded delay, reverb, EQ boxes) however I would now like to create a master switch to enable/disable all 3 FX simultaneously.

Logically I would apply the same process as above however this requires assigning more than one destination to a parameter value. I’ve tried using , and ; between the attributes without success.

Any suggestions?

Any thoughts on this? Is it possible?

It should be possible. But you may need 2 switches for this. One to enable all fx and one to disable all fx. That is if you also want to be able to turn them on/off individually.

Try the attached preset. It has a simple macro page and ui script.
FX (6.4 KB)

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Amazing. That seems to have done the trick.


(usual caveat: ignore the knob misalignment, it’s a WIP)