Working with Picture Iterations

Another topic here evolved into a discussion about how to deal with picture edit iterations ( as distinct from a separate version of a film ) . I’d love to hear comments, approaches, recommendations from others as to their workflow in this respect. Especially those who don’t work in a way that allows an “EDL Autoconform” ;-). That’s me BTW.

So the picture editor declares “picture lock” and the sound team start to get serious. Maybe even send off a V1 mix only to be told, great but … we’ve trimmed this, added that, blah blah and then send the team back another movie… sigh

My MO has usually been to use an NLE ( Premiere, FCP) , import both iterations of the video, make a two up view and use playback/skimming to identify the changes.

However thinking about this reminded me of a product called “Change List” by “Intelligent Assistance”.

It is able to two compare two Premiere Sequences / FCP Projects via XML’s exported from the NLE, and produce a list of exactly what changes exist between iteration 1 and iteration 2 . These are then available as .csv or PDF.

Premiere Version

Mac Version

It’s basically an automated version of what I do manually .

Anyone try it? I have other Intelligence Assistance apps and they work great. I’ll certainly give it roll next time a project makes me more than the $200 price !

Of course you’d have to trust the editor to provide copies of the Premiere/FCP xml project exports for each iteration… I just know there’s a world where that will go sideways !! :wink:

It sounds promising though.

If I’m not missing something, this process is called re-conforming.

For cases in which you can’t or won’t produce a change EDL and do that process directly in Nuendo, from my research the best option out there is The Cargo Cult’s Matchbox. It can reconform a Nuendo project in seconds using EDLs, Audio tracks, Video, it can recognize VFX changes, find similarities in video, etc. etc.

As a matter of fact I’m trialling it right now and seriously considering buying it this black friday (almost $200 off). I had a project to reconform from EDLs that Nuendo was scrambling completely and I couldn’t figure out why. Matchbox did it right within minutes of having downloaded it.
Another episode had the wrong EDLs and I reconformed it directly from the cuts, also without issue. It is very reassuring knowing that if something goes wrong you don’t need to rely on the editor doing something in a specific way, exporting with this or that ticked, this kinda thing.

It is expensive but very good so far! Huge time saver.

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Every time I see Matchbox mentioned I have to respond just to say its amazing and I recommend it highly. Use it multiple times every week.

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