Working with rhythmic slashes

I have a guitar part where some sections should be normal notes and others rhythmic slashes. To do this, I select the notes I want to be shown as slashes (call it the C section), right-click voices> rhythmic slashes>slashes with stems. It seems to work as expected, but when I go back to earlier sections of the score (A section), previously written normal notes have also to slashes, like the two sections are married to each other and if one changes they both do. What’s especially strange is there’s a section in between the two (B section) has normal notation and it remains unchanged. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks

This is one of the most confusing areas of Dorico.
Counterintuitively, the command you used does indeed change all notes to slashes, even though only a few are selected…
This command is meant to quickly switch an entire part to slashes, and could be used in a special cue staff to show rhythmic cues in another player, for example.
What you need is the command “New slashed voice”, which will take only the selected notes and puts them in a new slashed voice!
The beauty of this is, that once the new slash voice is created, you can select any notes and just hit “v” in order to switch them to slashes, provided that you do not have any more voices.
In case you’re getting flooded with rests, use remove rests to taste!

Your original issue using the “wrong” command is a recurring question around here, and in my humble opinion, should be worded differently in the UI… :thinking:

Hope that helps,

The option for changing just selected notes to another voice, rather than redesignating the type of the entire voice in which you have selected notes, is another level down in the menu structure.

Or, you can use the standard key commands for adding/changing voices on selected notes too, which is nice and quick!

Got it, thank you!