Working with Tempo track and changes?

Hi All , I am new to cubase and was wondering if there is any amazing way to work with tempo changes , I am coming from Logic and at this point doing the same thing in Cubase ,If an edit happens on the film I am scoring or I need to make changes before other regions down the time line, I lock all regions that come after the change (so they stay in sync with the TC ref) and then make any changes , I then have to deal with the mess for all the other parts after the tempo changes, which are still locked to picture , but now not locked to the Music grid .

Hey, welcome,.

I always use separate Cubase sessions per cue.

Mainly because Cubase is full of bugs and cannot risk having multiple cues getting destroyed, but also because I want to avoid all those headaches to do with syncing.

I also never lock anything. If I shift a tempo, I then just adjust the tempo/bars before the cue that has come out of sync and quickly fix the issues without locking-unlocking.

It works pretty well for me.

PS. A helpful tip, keep saving, also keep saving as ‘Save New Version’

Ok thank you ,! So I guess thats a no ?

I always worked like that until the M1 Mac , its so powerful , it can handle the score Reel by Reel . Which I am finding a really fast way to work , and the Mix down is going to be simple , just 5 projects for the film … :slight_smile: . I started with Cubase after Logic Crashing 3/6 times a day . and have done Reel 5 in Cubase very steep learning curve, but today I’ve not had a single crash and is so much more powerful . aside from Logic Crashing, it isn’t great dealing with so many tracks , so I did the free 30 days of Cubase to check out the show only used tracks in cycle thing . and also search for a track name . and I am not going back …

But dealing with Reel by Reel is a problem when it comes to tempo changes …!

coming from Logic I have found Cubase to be rock solid . I just hope I don’t find out its buggy !

To be honest there is a way to have a Cubase session per Reel.

It can be done with Track Versions. But Track Versions are great when it comes down to a few channels.

I found my self dealing with 180 channels and using track versions can become very messy, very quickly.

Also it all depends on your compositional style. If your music has very few tempo shifts (for instance, rubato can be a nightmare) perhaps it could be something viable.

In addition, I am on 11, so I think 12 offers tempo track versions, perhaps this is something that could potentially be of help?

But as I said, I am working on Cubase file per cue to be on the safe side, however, I have a very powerful computer, and jumping from cue to cue is no problem at all.

Out of interest, how does logic go around the tempo shift issue?

PS, I truly hope this won’t happen to you, but Cubase usually goes to hell the more you use it…

I’m just doing the same that I do in logic, which is lock the tracks do the edits then fiddle with the tempo until all the bars lineup it’s just a bit slow but it does work, I’m more worried about you saying Cubase is Buggy as I said I’ve not had a problem and I thought it was very stable for the type of thing we’re doing are you running Mac or PC

PC. But no matter, both machines have issues, if you look into the forum.

Cubase is a fantastic program, I don’t think I could work with another, but after extensive use, for me, things go south, without any changes to plugins etc.

Saying that, most programs have issues…