Working with the Access Virus TI in Cubase 6.

Hello all.

I’m using my TI Desktop with Cubase 6, everything works great, but when I use the Virus Control interface I obviously get just the 3 USB channel strips in the Cubase mixer. If I want to use anymore patches than the maximum 3 usb from the Virus control, what other mixer channels can I use in the Cubase mixer strip to eq etc? There isn’t any! If I use a 4th patch in the Virus Control on midi channel 4 for eg, the signal gets routed through one of the previous 3 USB mixer channels, and doesn’t create a separate mixer channel. A little annoying this!

In essence, i just want a mixer channel to eq/edit more patches after the 3 i load up from the Virus TI.

Can anyone enlighten or suggest a workaround, as i should surely be able to use more patches than 3 from the possible 16 the TI offers?


Yes, the Virus TI has three separate USB stereo outputs. You have to route the 16 different midi channels on the Virus to those three USB outputs. You do that inside the Virus VST interface.