Working with the Locators

I love the L/R locators, but sometimes if I am zoomed in on a part of the track, they are not were I am. Is there a way to get the locators to move to where you are? Something like a shortcut key, or double clicking on time line or something? It would really help by stopping me having to zoom out, find them, and click and drag one and then the other. As I say, I may be missing somehting obvious. if not, then I guess it’s a feature request :slight_smile:

Hi gordonrobb,

Thanks for your message.

A long tap on an event, immediately sets the L/R locators accordingly.

Does this help?


Totally helps. And I’ve also noticed I wasn’t seeing all o the shortcuts when holding ‘command’ key. There’s a second page which isn’t obvious. It lists ‘P’ as the shortcut to do the same as the long press. So useful. Is there a guide I’ve missed that tells you these things?