Working with two output interfaces

Hi Experts,
is it possible to configure Cubase 13 Pro to use two different sound interfaces for output (like UR44 and the internal laptop sound card, for instance).
The ultimate goal is to be able to switch between them in the Control Room.
Apologies if this is a simple question but I couldn’t find an answer online and experimenting lead me nowhere…
Thanks in advance!


If the given ASIO driver is not multi-client, you can use only one at a given time.

A workaround is to use ASIO4ALL and merge the devices in the driver on Windows or the Aggregate Device on Mac (officially it’s not supported, you might have issues with the syncing).

Please kindly note that both methods, that Martin mention above, are resampling the audio signal. That is always the case if you want to use two digital audio devices without syncing them through a clock signal.

Thanks Martin and Johnny for your quick reaction!
I was aware of the syncing issues when combining interfaces, but I thought it would only apply when used as input. In my case I want them as outputs.
I will explore the ASIO4ALL option.
Thanks again!

Input - Output - doesn’t matter. Each digital audio device has a clock built in.
It needs to, because how would it know to play back e.g. 44100 samples in exactly one second if it doesn’t know what a second is?
Unfortunately each clock runs usually at a slightly different speed, ie. one does 44100.01 samples/second and another one 44099.98.

The syncing of audio clocks covers two aspects:

  1. It will make one clock the master and the other device (slave) will only follow that clock, ignoring its own built-in one.
  2. The individual samples need to “happen” at the same moment. While 44100/second sounds like a lot to us for a digital device there is a lot of pause in between each sample. The sync prevents one device processing a sample while the other device is presently “in between” samples.

TL;DR - sync ensures starting at same time and running with same speed.