Working with video in rewire mode

I´m working on sound design with video, I am using a dual monitor setup and windows 7. Sometimes I Use rewire to connect Cubase 6 with Reason or Ableton Live, but when I switch to the reason window, the video windows disapear. and it apears again when I switch to Cubase again.

  • Does somebody knows if there´s a way to keep the video window always on-screen even if I switch to a rewired software? or what would be the solution?
  • Does this behaviour is also present on OSX?

Right-click on the video window and set it to Always On Top.

That doesn’t works on Cubase 6 for the video window I think, it is only available for other windows, please let me know if I’m wrong.
any other suggestion?

I’ve explained it graphically here:
Video window.jpg
Thank you

Am I doing something wrong?