Working with Video...QT movie turns Green?

HI Guys, can someone please help. I’m importing QT movies into Cubase 6.5, a for movie score I’m working on.
I am loading the movies in Scene by Scene, so that the file sizes are not too big. The output of the video goes to a seprate monitor via a Blackmagic Intensity Pro Card. Everything works well until I load about 5 movies, then one by one the movies turn Green…just a green screen? The movies themselves are fine, it just seems that Cubase stops recognizing them. Is this just a limitation of Cubase 6.5 or is there a setting I’m missing? Any advice would be appreciated.
Darren UK

Maybe it has to do with how the videos are compressed? I would try re-encoding the videos with a JPEG codec and re-import them. I use MPEG Streamclip for this and select the Apple Motion JPEG A codec when converting.

Hi Darren,
Have you tried jtays solution? I’m having similar problems (using it in a live envrironment)
All works well until one moment one or more movie clip turns green until I restart the project.
I will try to re-encode them and then see what happens.