working with video slows cubase


I’ve tryed working with QT video file on cubase 8. its seems working ok but the cubase
does get a bit jitter and slow. the mouse pointer moves heavily and stuck for a second from time to time.
I’m using a simple video card (nvidia) but still it should do the work.
can somebody help me understand - what is the best video codec to work with?
is there some codecs pack I should install (Avid or so…)?
is there a video render preferable for working on cubase 8?

thank you

Somebody? please…:slight_smile:


You’re going to get several different opinions on this, so I’ll give you mine first.

I use Cubase almost exclusively for television production. There are two things I think are critical to pulling the load off of your CPU when using video.

  1. If possible, put the video on a separate hard drive from your audio tracks.

  2. Use the least compressed video codec as well. A lot of people here recommend mp4s. But I use Avid DNxHD and get a lot better response from it. Less compression means the CPU doesn’t have to work as hard decompressing it. It’s just bandwidth on the bus at that point.

You can download the codec from Avid for free, and it will show up under the installed “Quicktime” codecs in whatever media encoder you are using. You just need to match the frame rate and I suggest 720p if you have an older computer.

One last thing, when I upgraded to Cubase 8 I was getting terrible performance at first. I found that Media Bay had reverted to scanning my System and Documents drive and it was killing my performance. Once i reset it just to my SFX sounds, everything got much better.

Hope this helps. I’ll try to watch the thread, but I’m on vacation now in case you have anymore questions, so you may not hear back for a while.

thank you very much So No Music 2
will try all you wrote here