Working with voices

Hi! Is there a wat to reset all voice overrides? I have just a mess in my score with stems going whichever way they want :D. So I wan’t to set ALL notes to the same voice. If i select all and “change voice” to either of the “defaults” (default stem down/default stem up) the stems will go only one way or the other.

Thanks in advance

Select All ==> Change voice ==> Voice 1 stem up

There are two different sets of commands here.

Edit > Voices > Default Stems Up takes the existing voice(s) and redefines them as Upstem Voices. If you use that on the notes that are in Downstem Voice 1, Downstem Voice 1 will be renamed as Upstem Voice 1 (or Upstem Voice 2 if there’s already an Upstem Voice 1, etc.) and the nominal stem direction will change from down to up.

Edit > Voices > Change Voice > effectively cuts the notes from whatever voice(s) they’re currently in and pastes them into whichever voice you select from that submenu. It’s this option you want.