Working without Bonjour

I don’t know if this is supported or there have been any other threads but after I rebuilt my PC I did not install iTunes or Bonjour and can get iC Pro working by manually entering the IP address in the App. I have to do it every time but it remembers the IP and you then just click on it. I prefer this as I am trying to run my PC as lean as possible.

Fascinating. Are you sure there is no instance of Bonjour on your DAW? Do you have a printer connected via Wi-Fi? From my perspective what you suggest is not possible. I do like the lean approach, too, but I think that Bonjour is a given element.

Will Steinberg join this conversation please?

Bonjour is NOT required to run iC Pro. However, I have to enter the IP address of my DAW computer every time I start it up.

Not a real problem, as it’s a one-off per session, but incredibly lazy of SB to not include a means of remembering it, especially as the permissions required to be agreed to would allow it.

Instead, they incorrectly specify that we must install a third-party service to do such a simple thing.