Worksheet with numbered lines

I transfered to from Dorico for many reasons - especially to create layouts I don’t have to tweak as much as I needed to in Sibelius.
So far im nothing but happy working with Dorico :smiley:

While creating worksheets I stumbled on the following issue:
I’d like to create a worksheet with rhythmic exercises. Though I could manage the different exercises in separate flows and got them all displayed on one page, I couldn’t find out how to get them numbered properly.
I want the the exercise number to displayed vertically in front of the exercise itself. Just like its in the attached photo (my exercises are only one line, so I is not the best example, but still)

How do I do that? I also tried to set up the Master Page in Engrave Mode but couldn’t find anything…

Really appreciate the help to master the incredible piece of software.

Best regards

Looks like you could watch the discover Dorico about worksheets…

Here are a few things to get you started:


There are two ways you can go about this easily; the first is to use a bunch of codas and make each one start on a new line, or you can use one flow for each exercise and select to allow multiple flows on each page.

This feature of putting the flow number to the left of each exercise is not in Dorico (yet). It has been discussed before, e.g. this thread, where you’ll find a few possible workarounds.

Thanks for all the Help!

I used a workaround where I just created a margin on the left for the music frame and used rehearsal marks for the numbering.
It’s not that difficult to do but I would love to see a similar feature in future versions - I really do a lot of worksheets for my students and this feature would safe me a lot of time (though I have created a template, it needs to be tweaked here and there for specific occasions)