Workspace Behaviour C6.5 to C7

Just upgraded to C7 from C6.5.

Using two monitors with C6.5 I had the project window maximised on one monitor within the main program window (ie the top menu appeared above the project window) and mixer and transport windows opened on the other (ie on the desktop outside the main program C6.5 window).

This gave me the project window directly above my keyboards and the mixer window to my left. With the mouse under my right-hand all the main menu commands were easily accessible.

In C7 I can move the transport control outside the main window and leave it on the left hand monitor but the mixconsole refuses to leave the main program window.

When C7 loads a C6.5 project with the windows layout as explained, the transport window is in the right place (on the left hand monitor) but the mixconsole window insists on hiding behind the project window on the monitor in front of me. I can either have one or the other displayed but not both (“full” size) at the same time.

I’ve tried extending the main C7 window over the two monitors and, with some care, size and move the mixconsole and the project windows to where it’s comfortable to work with them but then I end up with the main window’s top menu way out of reach at the top of the left hand monitor.

I think I’m missing something here. I don’t recall setting any options in C6.5 to get the layout the way I need it (ie mixconsole window outside the main project window).

Does anyone know if there some mixconsole behaviour option somewhere to get my workspace organised the way it was in C6.5?


Set it to Always On Top via right-click, just like before.

just right click on the mixer and it gives you the options to full screen mode on monitor 1 +2 and always on top :wink:

Guys thanks!

I feel such an idiot - I knew that - and forgot… sheesh.

I go now…


yep , slap forehead :smiley: :wink: