Workspace Channel Settings Window Focus Lost

I’m hoping I’m missing a command here–

In N6.5 and previous I was able to save the channel settings window focus in a workspace.

For example, say I’m working on a selected dialog track, and pull up my Dialog Edit workspace. It brings up the DX bus channel settings window (all the plugins, EQ, etc) regardless of what track I’m working on.

This is no longer working for me-- when I select the workspace (and I’ve tried redoing and updating), Channel Settings focus always comes up on the selected track, not DX.

I hope this is a linking feature I’m not aware of; if so I’d really like to turn it off. Any ideas?



I’ve got to bump this… would love to know if others who use workspaces in the manner I’ve described are experiencing the same thing… or if I’ve missed a setting somewhere.

This has developed into a real pain in the gluteals.

Again, briefly: when recalling workspaces in 6.5 and previous, where a channel settings window was part of the workspace, whatever channel was originally selected as part of the workspace would be recalled when that workspace was selected.

This is no longer happening for me; the channel settings window now comes up as whatever channel happens to be selected.

I typically work with a couple of different group channels that I like to bring up in individual workspaces depending on source material. Can’t do that now; have to open a new channel settings window and select the group from there.

Is this a potential bug, Steinberg? Or have I just missed a setting?