Workspace Collapse!

Using Windows 10 with three monitors with Cubase Pro 10.5.

I am experiencing a random collapse of my workspace arrangement from my preferred set up back to a single monitor view (porject+mixconsole+racks).

I have added my prefered workspace to the workspaces but when it collapses while working on a midi track for example then the workflow is lost and it is a PIA.

Any reason for this - I was maybe blaming my mouse or my clumsiness but now it appears to be more or less random!

(Also why does my ‘workspaces’ menu say ‘Workspaces (G5*)’?



Is your issue maybe linked with this one?

G means Global Workspace. There are Global Workspaces applied in all projects and Project Workspaces § used exclusively in one project. The Asterix means, you have changed something (move any window) in the Workspace. So once you will call it next time, it will not look like it does look right now. It will look like you have saved it last time. If you want to update to view of the Workspace (to make it looking as the current view is), do so from the Workspaces menu, please.

OK - I have now worked out how to save workspaces and what that all means.

I am still getting a workspace collapse every so often - which means I have to click on my saved workspace again to resume and of course, I lose any particular segment I was working on!

Is this only happening to me???

I’m the OP from the other post Martin mentioned, and I’m having the same Workspace Collapse problem as you: when I open Cubase, and select my Workspace, often both windows will appear on the same monitor.

I actually set up 2 Workspaces with the same window layout, because another user suggested that switching to another Workspace might help. Sometimes it does, sometimes it seems to do nothing… and its current behaviour is to maximise the windows on the OPPOSITE monitors to the way I want. Then, if I un-maximise the windows they pop back to the intended monitors, as if at some level Cubase knows which screen I wanted them on.

It’s kind of shabby and unpredictable, if I wasn’t a 15-year Cubase user I’d be asking WTF.

There is definitely some kind of glitch going on here - I am Windows 10 with Cubase 10.5 across three monitors.

There was no problem with Cubase 9.5 so thinking it is not a problem with my set up.

The problem can be best described as a random reversion to one of the default workspaces - solution = get rid of them and now all good!