workspace don't store SETUPWINDOW ?

caman tell me i’m doing things wrong.
i create news workspace
i select track heights and remove some channels with channel selector
i lock that channel i change channel selector and height
i reload workspace and… channel stay the same they don’t follow workspace?

what is the use of stupid workspace settings if the only thing stored is the size of tracks that you can’t show/hide and 4 mix/edit windows you can access by dedicated shortcuts already !

seriously enough of this

The Visibility function of the mixer is not included in the Workspace settings. You can save the Visibility (and other mixer settings) in Channel & Rack Configurations. I hope this information is helpful.

When will Workspace, channel rack configuration and keyboard shortcuts get integrated into the program like it should? Workspaces have shortcuts but channel rack configs don’t. Workspaces can’t save mixer settings and therefore mixer settings can’t be recalled by shortcuts? On the verge of being useless.

While the workspace feature is a good start, I believe it is in need of some enhancement to be a truly useful feature…

Each workspace saved should have a config window where you can check off which aspects of the program you would like to save with the workspace. Like:

Folder Status (what folders are folded or open)
Track size
vertical scroll position
vertical zoom level (perhaps redundant with track size)
channel/ rack configuration of mixer
maybe even selected track?
track visible settings if this functionality is ever added to arrange/edit window

How amazing would it be if a simple shortcut could change the folded status of all your folders and scroll to that place in your arrangement? imagine hitting a key and all of your folders close except for drums or strings or winds so you can zero in on that part of your arrangement very quickly without clutter.

The search function is a nice addition for getting to tracks reasonably fast. A shortcut for that would be welcome as well…