Workspace Function w/ key command - Search for Workspace

Hi, this would be fantastic for those who have a variety of different workspaces for different tasks, jobs, VSTis, etc. Easily more than a 1-9 keypad allows.

A great solution would be to search workspace by name, example “Groove Agent Editing”

press enter and voila.

Ctrl Alt Num0 does this. I don’t remember if it accepts numbers only, or if it accepts text too, but I think I’m sure it’s not a “deep” search field (finding partial matches etc).

So +1 for the search field, that would also benefit the corresponding cycle marker key command.

I thought that was just to enter the number.

What I’m more suggesting is a pop-up list in which is reduced by the filter as you type, ie, if you have three Workspaces for Groove Agent and type ‘Groove’, only those three workspaces will show up and you can select which one, or type the exact name and press ‘enter’.

No mouse clicking, no Tab’ing to get through the process… feature key command = search auto-cued to type + type in name + enter.

Yep, we’re talking about the same thing. Transform the “preference/notification-style-enter-workspace-number” thing into a “new style” search field, where new style is the one currently being used in inserts, track routing, preset browsing etc etc.

Ctrl Alt 0 key command, type, enter. Done.

(The original function of typing the workspace number (or cycle marker number since they seem to be the same make) should be preserved)