workspace killing me

what do you think about cubase 7 ?

  • 1 - good for professional use
  • 2 - totally overrated expensive buged crap with sh1ty UI ever !

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i create new workspace.
i set all windows (edit / editors / F3mix F4mix F5mix) on my 2 screens
i unlock/lock that worspace so it is stored.
i create second worspace and do the same but change all windows in size position.
recall workspace 1 = my F3mix F4mix F5mix have changed !
how do i set these so they are currently stored with the workspace ?

2nd question
i have key command for thoses worksapce Alt+1 = workspace1 etc
i can see them in the key command manager
but when i press alt+1 nothing happen !

wait … my editors change position too… forget it this is totally useless buged feature.
i’m really worried because if developpers can’t create proper tools to manage basic stupid windows setup then what is happening in audio engine or things we don’t see behind :stuck_out_tongue:

wait … plugin and VSTi windows are not stored with workspace ?

According to the title of the thread you’re already dead, killed by workspaces. Why worry then?

I just had a bad experience with Workspaces as well.
Simply doesn’t work at all like it did in Nuendo 5.5
I think/hope this is a known issue though.

You’re not using the infamous “maximize” button are you?

“killing me” no i’m not dead yead still dying each time i recall a workspace :stuck_out_tongue:
i don’t know what the maximise button is.
basiclly what i do is i don’t bother with mix windows they just don’t work with workspace (even if you don’t activate the “always on top”)
but also the other windows change little position from time to tim and suddenly my desktop appear with the bar ahndles on the side losing space in my windows i have to move sach windows again and store the workspace. real pain in the A

Aloha guys,

I just started using WS as of C7.0.
But with each update things seem to change.

Hard to keep up so I am back to not using them. Too bad.
When WSs work properly and consistently, ‘it’s a beautiful thang’.


sgodzillat, which OS are you running?

The audio engine/VST interface has been developed over a number of years and product generations, and as such changes very little over time in comparison to the UI.

i use W7 x64 on i72600k 16ram with ssd.

i still have this problem and this is what i figured out :
on my workspace setups the edit window/key editor / drum editor / pool are included
for the rest (mix windows score editor) the are not included in the workspace presets so whatever the preset i select these windows open at the place i last left them.

am i correct here or maybe i did something wrong ? can you manage to store the positions/size of these windows in your workspaces ?