Workspace management

Although much improved in 7.0.1 loading saved Workspaces still does not provide desirable results for me e.g. WL does not restore all the Tab Groups in the same states as when saved - it even reloads groups which were not open at all while saving the Workspace.
Is this a known issue or am I missing anything?

There is no known bug in 7.01.
Don’t misunderstand Workspace layouts and General layouts (this last does not restore tools windows).
Moreover, this does not save open documents.

What I mean is this:

on my secondary display I have Control Window in fullscreen mode
create several Tab Groups
in Control Window menu Workspace -> Layout -> Save as -> Preset A
then I close some groups, re-position others
Workspace -> Layout -> Save as -> Preset B
now Workspace -> Layout -> pick saved Preset A
= I do not get the same status of open groups and their positions as when saving Preset A

This was fixed in 7.01, but maybe not complethly (complex stuff).
Some screenshot would be needed to try reproducing.

01 Preset A.jpg
02 Preset B.jpg
03 switched to Preset A.jpg

04 switched to Preset B.jpg

Another example
01 Preset A.jpg
12 Preset C.jpg

03 switched to Preset A.jpg
14 Preset C.jpg
15 Preset B.jpg
I hope it is clear - did my best to be as least confusing as possible…

Thanks for the effort to clarify, but for me this is impossible to read. I think the option to include pictures in the forum should default to shrink them to the allowed maximum size. Scrolling vertically and horizontally to compare different situations is not working for me…

Luck, Arjan

As I found out it is possible to open the attached screenshots in a new window in their original full size via right-click…

(I just resized all the screenshots and edited my original posts so there are no horizontal scrollbars anymore)

You first case seems normal; if a meter is floating, it is independent, hence not part of the layout.
The second case is an anomaly.
The 3rd case: it’s true that the Rotation state is not preserved. This is certainly something to do.

I see, then please make it possible to narrow Tab Groups so I would not need to have Bit-meter floating but fixed.

Perhaps you missed that Tab width (Bit-meter) is not preserved - image 04 should look like image 02.

This bug is still not fully fixed in version 7.1

  • the width is now preserved however the rotation is not
  • the floating Bit-meter still automatically moves to Tab Group