Workspace not loading correctly upon opening project

Bug: Since 9.5.0, when opening a project, the Workspace opens with the mixer moved upwards from its original location (which is still saved in the Local and/or Global Workspace).

Temporary solution: Every time I open a project, I reload the Workspace from the menu and it resets the position of the mixer to its correct location.

Images of the issue:

I have seen other posts about Workspaces not working correctly. I couldn’t find anyone with this similar issue so thought I’d post it too. Perhaps it’s linked to the same bug others have been reporting.

Yea this bug has been persistent since 9, which is the earliest version I’ve had overall, now on 9.5.3.
My instance of the bug is similar. I have dual monitors with the track view in the top monitor and the console view in the bottom. Opening the session, the track view is back in the bottom under the console view. In my case, selecting the saved workspace flashes the track view in the right spot for a split second, but remains in the bottom monitor under the console, until I manually move it back.

Has this been addressed at all or mentioned by steinberg?