Workspace Question

I am accustomed to working with 3 screens (in 8.5).

First screen is the file editor.
Then the montage (CD) window.
Finally, the control window (Master Section, analysis tools, and a place for plugin popup).

All 3 visible simultaneously.

Is this possible in 9? The montage seems to be locked in the File Group.


No, this is one limitation of the new design, compared to the previous one. Any editor is always on the main screen.
This being said, you now have 4 customizable control windows and even the file view can be set independently on another screen. IOW, you have stuff to fill all your screens.
Moreover, in WaveLab 9, you don’t have the key shortcut problem of WaveLab 8 (the control windows don’t need to be in focus, to respond to shortcuts).

Note that you can split the central view in 2 or more views. Which means you can have, for example, a montage and a wave, side by side.
You could extend the main window across 2 screens, but I would not recommend this.