Workspace Redraw Suddenly Slow

I don’t know what happened to my system, but suddenly today the redrawing of Worskpaces in N 5.5.4 when I switch from one to another has gotten slow. They used to snap into a new configuration and now they take about 4-5 seconds to redraw. It’s faster with a new template but it’s still slower than it was.

There’s been no obvious changes to the system. It kind of feels like it could be a hardware problem, but so far the problem is limited to Nuendo. In other apps or moving from one app to another redraws are as snappy as ever.

Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be?


To continue this story… suddenly I couldn’t load the project up without Nuendo crashing. The crash pointed to a dll that belonged to 2cAudio and there were two instances of Aether in the project. I temporarily renamed my VST folders and managed to load the project, took out the 2 instances of Aether, renamed and saved as a new project.

But it’s strange that I can add Aether to the project, save it, but that the project won’t reload. I’ve advise 2cAudio of the issue.

The renamed project now loads without crashing, and the sluggishness in Workspace redraws hasn’t really changed. I’ve also noticed that the project takes an unusually long time to close, like 20-30 seconds. This isn’t normal on my system.

I’ll advise here if I find anything else. There are a few threads in this subforum that mention similar display issues, but no conclusive fix or explanation is mentioned.


A question: is it possible for a VST plugin that isn’t used in a project to affect Nuendo’s operation?

Now fishing!..

Another observation: right-clicking for the cursor menu now takes longer too. It used to be instantaneous and now takes a couple of seconds…

Is any of this ringing any bells for anyone?

I managed to keep working with this project without any other issues. And then, after rendering the project for output an hour ago, saving the project and closing Nuendo, on the next restart and opening of this project a few minutes ago, the Workspace redraws went back to their usual snappy redraw speed for no apparent reason! All the GUI elements returned to their normal opening and closing speeds and the project closes in under 10 seconds now too. It also opens faster than it did before.

Really weird, right? I even added more processing and softsynths to the project since I started this thread.

WT*? What’s disquieting is not knowing why this happened in the first place. You can be sure I’ll follow up if it happens again.